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More and more people are putting their health in the hands of private healthcare because the greatest advantage it has is that you avoid long waiting lists and they also adapt to your needs.

There is currently a wide range of health insurance in Spain, and that makes your search quite difficult. Today we are going to facilitate that work with this post where you will find the best health insurance for 2021, but before that, we leave you a small guide with aspects to take into account when contracting health insurance:

  • Centers: It is important that the insurer you choose has medical centers near your residence, in order to be able to use their services quickly and comfortably.
  • Profile: Contracting the insurance can be done individually, for your family, for the self-employed or for companies. Depending on your profile and the situation you find yourself in, there will be insurers with better insurance that suit you.
  • Copayment or without copayment: You will have to analyze if you are one of those who go to the doctor very frequently and want to forget about paying extra costs at the stipulated price, then your best option will be health insurance without copays. If, on the other hand, you do not use the services regularly and prefer to have a cheaper fee, insurance with a copayment is better for you.
  • Coverage: It is vitally important to contact an agent specialized in insurance to indicate which health policy is best suited to your needs.

It is one of the most complete companies on the market. There is no medical expense that is not covered in Adeslas. It includes general medicine and a wide group of specialties (pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, urology, etc.). It also has a wide range of additional services: diagnostic tools, prenatal and childbirth tests, psychotherapy, rehabilitation and annual check-ups. 

We would like to emphasize that it offers coverage where others cannot, such as chronic dialysis treatments or by including up to 40 Psychotherapy sessions per year (in the case of patients with eating disorders). These are some of its most interesting guarantees: 

  • Reviews and preventive checks. 
  • Rehabilitation and physiotherapy. 
  • Intraocular lenses in cataract surgery. 
  • Internal cardiovascular and trauma prostheses. 
  • Complementary services and treatments at special prices.
  • Telephone medical guidance.

Price: from € 17 / month. 

The DKV company stands out for the quality of its service and also for betting on technology, promoting healthy habits with Apps such as Quiero Cuidarme and offering them the video-consultation service through Digital Doctor, as in their medical care, with the most advanced diagnosis and treatment. 

The self-employed have an additional discount of 5% forever and have coverage designed for them. It includes a daily payment in case of sick leave, up to 20,000 euros for travel assistance of up to 180 days and healthcare in the event of an accident. 

It has some of the most complete policies on the market, such as Top Health, with which it clearly stands out from the competition by offering its clients, among other guarantees and services: 

  • Reimbursement for vaccines and medications. 
  • Early diagnosis of glaucoma and diabetes. 
  • 3D virtual colonoscopy. 
  • Ultrasound (3D / 4D) in pregnancy. 
  • Surgery to reduce the risk of breast and gynecological cancer. 

DKV offers an insurance aimed exclusively at foreigners residing in Spain called DKV Residente, with which you can have complete private healthcare in Spain (includes: primary care, hospitalization, oral service and worldwide travel assistance in case of emergency and refund of the 100% of expenses in Spain and up to € 1000 / year in the case of drug expenses). 

Price: from € 18 / month. 

With Sanitas you have access to a wide medical team (more than 40,000 professionals) and to a network of its own clinics (the Milenium clinics) equipped with advanced medical technology, as well as to an important network of hospitals (1,200 throughout Spain). Among them, two hospitals that have the accreditation of excellence stand out; Sanitas La Zarzuela and La Moraleja (Madrid) as well as the CIMA Hospital (Barcelona). In addition, they offer you the option of choosing the Sanitas Más Salud plan with which you can go to any center in the world, thanks to the reimbursement of medical expenses and its coverage in the US, but they also have video calls with your doctor, thanks to the BLUA Complement. This coverage has an additional cost, but you can count on the free service for a certain period. 

The quality and specialization of its products make this insurer have a very positive evaluation among its clients. Its customer service and patient follow-up are one of its main advantages. We highlight the option of Sanitas Profesionales for the self-employed and small companies, which has a price more adapted to the market. 

Price: from € 20 / month. 

Asisa is consolidated as one of the largest expert health insurers, thanks to its extensive experience endorsed by the more than 2 million clients who have trusted them. 

As for its offer, we highlight that it includes rare guarantees, such as compensation in the event of death by accident and excellent conditions in the provision of its services, such as being able to access more than 600 free authorization tests. It also has a wide range of international medical insurance such as the Extended International Asisa that allows those who have left the country to have coverage of up to € 60,000. This option includes all the essential services abroad: 

  • Consultations. 
  • Diagnostic tests. 
  • Hospitalization. 
  • Ambulatory surgery. 
  • Transfer by ambulance. 

Price: from € 24 / month. 

Seguros MAPFRE is a company characterized by offering its clients flexible policies that are adapted to the needs of each insured. At MAPFRE you can choose from a wide range of medical insurance, with or without a copayment; medical chart and reimbursement. Choose the policy you choose, you will have at your disposal a series of extr a, which will increase depending on the products contracted. For example, Gold Customers can enjoy home delivery of medicine or a free gift of two months per year for the life of the insurance. MAPFRE facilitates many procedures and procedures online through its website, in addition to offering relevant information. 

Preventive Medicine is one of MAPFRE’s strengths, which includes, among other benefits, the Biomechanical Gait Study (to prevent injuries and detect abnormalities) and the Healthy Child Program. We would like to highlight that it also offers these other guarantees: 

  • Access to the US concerted hospital network. 
  • Cryo-preservation of stem cells from umbilical cord blood (S.C.U.) and umbilical cord tissue (T.C.U.).
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred for the processing of a national and international adoption process up to a maximum of € 12,000. 

Price: from € 35 / month. 

Assistència Sanitària has the most extensive list of doctors and specialists in our environment, from which the insured can freely choose. We simplify the procedures and the doors are opened to us wherever we are, with more than 40,000 consultation points, medical centers and hospitals in the rest of Spain. Assistència insureds have a quick care medical staff whose objective is to improve the quality of care and is offered as a complementary service to the routine visit with any of the more than 4,000 doctors on the entity’s medical staff. It is also well known for being the FCB’s (Football Club Barcelona) insurance.

  • Free choice of doctor from a list of more than 4,500 in Barcelona.
  • Direct access to the specialist without prior visit to the GP.
  • Internet services.
  • 20 regional offices.
  • Health specialists with more than 50 years of experience.
  • Absence of waiting lists.
  • Home emergency service.

Price: from € 19 / month. 

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