How and Where to open a bank account

Moving and starting a new life in another country is sometimes complicated, because it raises really important questions, such as how to open a bank account in the country? What documentation will they ask me for? o What is the best bank? In this post we solve all those doubts in a very clear and simple way, so that your move to Spain is much easier.

How to open a bank account in Spain?

When opening a bank account in Spain, you must prove the status of resident or non-resident. If you have a resident card or Spanish DNI, simply by going to the bank of your choice, you can open an account instantly.

If you are a foreigner, the main thing is to prove your resident or non-resident status.

If you want to register as a resident, you must first obtain the NIE from the Foreign Office. Once you have it, you can open a bank account without problems. In this other post we explain how to obtain the necessary documentation to be a legal resident in Spain.

If you do not have or do not want to obtain a resident card or NIE, there is the option of requesting a non-resident certificate. To get this document there are two viable options:

  1. Go to the General Directorate of Police with your passport and a copy of it, and request a non-resident certificate there. You can pick it up after 10 days. Once you have obtained this document, you can go to the chosen bank with your passport and open the account immediately.
  2. You can request the non-resident certificate directly at the bank of your choice and they will do the procedure for you. You must bring your passport and the bank will sign an authorization to request the certificate on your behalf, but with an extra cost of approximately € 15. Keep in mind that the account will not be operational until you receive this certificate.

What documents must be presented to open a bank account?

Generally speaking, some banks request more documents than others. We recommend that you verify with your bank the documentation that you must present exactly. However, we highlight the documents that everyone usually asks for.

If you are not a resident, they will ask you to present your valid passport or identification card, a proof of your address, your employment status, the non-resident certificate, on the contrary, if you are a resident you must present your DNI, NIE or passport, a document confirming the source of your income, proof of your address in Spain, such as a recent utility bill, bank statement or a rental agreement.

It is important to bear in mind that all the documents requested by your bank must be translated into Spanish.

What are the banking options to choose in Spain?

  • Bank type: traditional banking.
  • Mandatory domicile € 600 and have € 30,000 in Sabadell products.
  • Remuneration of 2.73% the first year and 3% the following. Limit to remunerate € 10,000.
  • Bank cards without commissions.
  • Standard bank transfers without fees.
  • Bank type: traditional banking.
  • Mandatory domicile a payroll and contract € 5,000 in savings products to avoid paying commissions.
  • It has one of the largest commercial networks in Spain.
  • Competitive associated financial products.
  • Up to 15,000 avios to travel.
  • Bank type: traditional banking.
  • Personalized attention with a manager.
  • No need to direct the payroll (it can be opened without monthly income).
  • Account without commissions if you have income.
  • Second free account.
  • Debit card without issuance and maintenance fee.
  • 6000 BBVA ATMs at no cost.
  • Type of bank: traditional banking and they also have the possibility of online banking. They have an account called “Hola bank” for non-residents 100% digital.
  • Personalized attention with a manager.
  • Maintenance fee of € 0 if a payroll of more than € 600 is paid by direct debit.
  • Full control from the CaixaBankNow app.
  • Free credit card.
  • Transfers to any type of account.
  • Checking account with annual maintenance fee of € 48.
  • 9500 free ATMs.
  • Bank type: online banking.
  • Account without commissions and without paperwork.
  • Free credit and debit cards.
  • Bank transfers free of charge.
  • Domicile your payroll, pension or unemployment. Mandatory domiciliary € 700.
  • It has no commitment to stay.
  • You can withdraw money free of charge at more than 50,000 ATMs in Spain: ING, Euronet, Cashzone, Banca March and Euro Automatic Cash ATMs (former Banco Popular and Targobank ATMs): any Bankia amount: free withdrawals from € 50. Other ATMs: free withdrawals from € 200.
  • Bank type: Santander bank online banking.
  • No commissions with a payroll of more than € 600 for people up to 31 years old and € 1,000 for older people.
  • Online account without maintenance or issuance fees.
  • Free bank cards.
  • Standard bank transfers without fees.
  • Bank type: online banking.
  • 100% online processes.
  • Payroll account without commissions.
  • Mandatory domiciliary income of € 800 per month and 3 receipts.
  • Remuneration of 5% the first year and 2% the following. Up to € 340 profit in the first two years.
  • Bank cards without commissions.
  • You can withdraw money for free at EURO 6000 ATMs (Caja Rural, Deutsche Bank, Laboral Kutxa, Banca March).
  • Bank type: online banking.
  • Mobile account without commissions.
  • German security, Spanish IBAN.
  • Free virtual debit card. If a physical card is requested, it has a commission of € 10.
  • More than 7 million customers.
  • It has no commitment to stay.
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